Why we do it.

To ensure young carers are children first so they can take full advantage of opportunities for educational achievement and life success.


Tyler is 11 years old and cares for his dad.


Charlotte is 15 years old and cares for her dad and sister.


Molly is 15 years old and cares for her mum.

Winchester Young Carer comes full circle

When Liz Kavanagh visited her grandmother in sheltered accommodation in Southampton, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Because Liz, who has volunteered for Winchester & District Young Carers for many years, realised that her grandmother’s carer was none other than Sarah Vane, a former young carer Liz had supported ten years previously.

Not only was Sarah now looking after Liz’s grandmother regularly, but she had also just passed a course to train other carers too.

Liz said: “I first met Sarah when I was helping at the Young Carers youth club and over the years saw her flourish from a little girl into a lovely young lady. Her experience as a carer in her own family makes her the perfect person to be caring for my grandma.”

Winchester & District Young Carers Project manager Ben Hogbin said: “We support over 150 young people in a variety of ways who have caring responsibilities at home and encourage them to achieve their dreams and have confidence in their abilities. We are so proud of Sarah and delighted that she is now supporting a family member of one of our volunteers!”